I’ve been lucky enough to take summer semesters in both high school and university and I can say without a doubt that summer is my favourite time to be in school!

A quiet peaceful campus

My favourite part of summer semesters is how much quieter campus is. Because there are fewer students, you have more available study spots, smaller class sizes, and (most importantly) shorter lines at your favourite coffee places on campus! These small differences end up making a huge impact on your daily life as a student. Gone are the days of walking up and down the aisles of the library or getting up at way-to-early o’clock just to find a study spot. And fewer students in your classes mean that you can get more individual attention from teachers and professors! Not only is the campus more peaceful, but everyone seems more relaxed during summer term, making it the most stress-free semester!

Change up your study spot and see the sun!

Summer in Canada means that you can finally head outside and enjoy the weather without lugging around your coat, hat, mittens, and boots! This doesn’t change when you’re in school during the summer. Nice weather means that you can take your studying outside and get some time in the fresh air. And with the Minute School app, you can ditch the textbooks and notes at home and have your course content and practice questions with you on the go! If you’re looking for a relaxed study session and aren’t afraid of distractions, you can even take your work to a park or beach. I’ve found that after days of being stuck in windowless libraries, studying in an energetic place where I can watch others having fun really lifts my mood!

Keep your mind active

Avoid the summer slide by not taking a long vacation between school terms. Even if you’re just taking one or two courses, it’s a great way to keep yourself refreshed on your studying and give yourself a schedule to fill up the summer hours. While studying isn’t what everyone might think of as a fun activity, getting an assignment done or going to class gives us the structure and sense of accomplishment that months of free-time often lack. Even if you don’t have time for school in the summer or you’ve already missed the sign-up deadline, Minute School offers lots of lots of free mobile micro-courses to get ahead on future courses or review! 

Opportunities to get involved!

While there are fewer students in school during summer, there are still lots of clubs and activities! For larger clubs, summer is a great time to get more involved and take on more responsibility and leadership since many club executives won’t be in school. Many universities and colleges also run summer camps and programs for elementary and high school students that you can get involved with to get some volunteer or work experience while you’re on campus! I was a houseparent at a week-long math camp one summer and it was an amazing experience getting to know campers and future University of Waterloo students! The best part was that I could still go to classes and study during the day, but enjoy fun camp activities like board games, talent shows, and bonfires to relax at night!

It’s an investment in your future!

Spending your summer in class is a great way to give yourself more time and opportunities in future terms! Taking one or two courses means that you’ll get ahead on your requirements for graduation. A 2017 study found that only 59% of students enrolled in a 4-year bachelor program graduate within 6 years of starting their degree. A major obstacle in senior years can be actually finding courses that you have the prerequisites for, which will meet degree requirements, and will fit your schedule. Many of my friends had to choose between changing their program and taking extra semesters because they couldn’t fit the classes they needed into their last term. Taking extra courses in the summer will help make sure you can graduate on time. You can even take a full course load in the summer to graduate a term early or take a term off later on. Since most students only have summers off, there’s much less competition when looking for internships in the fall and winter.

If you’re still not convinced that summer is a great time to be in school, check out some more perks of being a summer student.


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