It has been an incredible summer at Minute School! We had welcomed a new team member, Laura, and welcomed back both Cheryl and Nathan. Throughout the summer term, all three contributed to projects relating to course production and marketing. We were inspired by their ideas, and we were grateful for their suggestions provided. Cheryl, Nathan, and Laura all had something to say about their summer working at Minute School.

Cheryl – My second term at Minute School has come to an end. I’ve had a blast making courses and learned so much about creating math lessons and questions. I’m excited to take these experiences with me next term when I start working as a teaching assistant and shamelessly promote Minute School to all my students!

Laura – Working at Minute School was different than any co-op placement, or even any job, I’d ever had previously. I had no idea what to expect coming in, but I knew my view on education and perfectionism would definitely be challenged. It was also strange to work in an environment where much of what I did had be driven by my own ideas, rather than being told to do this or that. Of course, that also meant it was rewarding to see my own ideas flourish. This was such an incredible space and there was always something new to work on every day – something that I really liked while working here (though I find it hard to believe there’s many people that enjoy doing the same thing day after day). A lot of what was done this term, especially during the later weeks, was planned for projects that will be fully completed after I’m gone, and I can’t wait to see the final project that my base would have created. Of course, that means I’ll always be checking in! Overall, this was a really fun work term and I’ll definitely miss it when I return to school in the fall. Thank you Minute School for this amazing opportunity!

Nathan – Working for a second summer at Minute School has been an incredible opportunity where I continued to learn about the inner workings of an ed tech startup. One aspect that I found particularly exciting was being a part of our marketing team. Providing insight to help Minute School reach out to more students is a process I was not previously exposed to. However, being able to think from a student’s perspective allowed me to better understand this process. At Minute School, there is an emphasis on sharing ideas even if they take a completely different direction then previously proposed. Because of this openness I felt as though my ideas had real importance and would affect the overall output of the business. I had a great time at Minute School; working with a group of amazing individuals, creating material I truly believe in, and learning so much from the overall experience.

Thank you very much to Cheryl, Laura, and Nathan for all their hard work and dedication to helping fellow students succeed! We wish you all the best in your upcoming studies and we look forward to having you join future games nights and hearing updates on your educational journeys.

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