Between summer jobs, spring term courses, and the regular hustle and bustle of student life, getting away for a bit is necessary. You could hop on a plane and go somewhere far away…Or you could stay close to home, pitch a tent, and spend some time in the outdoors. 

Going camping is a valuable experience which every student should take a chance to experience. Here is why:

You have to do your own cooking and be creative about it. You won’t have a full kitchen like you are probably used to. Try and make things on the camp fire! See if you can eliminate any unnecessary steps or dishes. You never know what hacks you may find that can help you with cooking through your off-campus post-secondary career. 

You get to see all sorts of wildlife. Depending on your location, a wide variety of different animals and plants may be around for observation. Brush up on your animal biology as you respectfully observe all the animals and give them their space. Take pictures and enjoy nature, but make sure that you aren’t doing anything to jeopardize the wildlife or the habitat. 

You get to bond and get closer with your friends. Being stuck in a small living space in the great outdoors can really help you get to know people. Plus, with weaker cell service and the high chance of a wifi free area, talking and playing games is the best way to keep entertained. You should also try going for hikes, or seeing if there is any water around which can be used for kayaking or canoeing. 

You get to spend time away from busy life outside the park. Life is quieter in a campground. There is no rushing commuters, no loud honking, and no people trying to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. Embrace the quiet life, free of deadlines and due dates. You will probably be grateful. 

You learn valuable life skills. While there are many technical skills that can be learned while camping (tying knots, starting camp fires, pitching tents) there are many transferable skills that can help you with your studies and future work. You get to practice resourcefulness, creative problem solving, effective communication, and even attention to detail. Developing these skills will definitely be an asset to a student in many different ways.

Go camping this summer and learn a lot about yourself, your friends or family, and, of course, the great outdoors. 

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