We’ve all been through it: the huge grade drop you see between your high school grades and your first midterm mark in college. I graduated high school with a 95% average, and I failed my first university calculus midterm. When you dream of becoming a doctor or going to grad school, a few bad grades can be pretty defeating. You may be thinking…maybe this program isn’t right for me after all… Before making any quick decisions, take a breath, relax, and think about what you can you do to recover.

The problem: College requires a lot of independent learning that students are usually not used to in high school. Information is given to you in large amounts and much faster than most students are used to. This means that in order to do well, students should be reviewing course material frequently, but unlike in high school, no one is telling us to do so. 

It can become extremely hard to motivate yourself to study everyday because we often see studying as long sessions of sitting in a library cubicle reading textbooks. This way of studying is not only super boring, but also doesn’t allow you to retain the information you’re reading. 

The solution: The most effective way I’ve found to study is by reviewing small chunks of course content at a time in the form of short video lessons and practice questions. I love studying with the Minute School app because it allows me to receive instant feedback on the questions I am doing. What I appreciate about Minute School is that I can study on the bus, while waiting in line for my morning coffee, or for 5 minutes before bed. It takes less than 10 minutes out of my day, so it doesn’t feel like a hassle. 

Since changing my study habits from cramming for hours in the library to studying a little bit everyday, my motivation to study has improved, and I haven’t failed another midterm. College is a huge adjustment for a lot of people and it’s all about finding a study technique that motivates you to continue. So, don’t give up on your goals after one bad grade!

Finish the term strong.

Spend some time studying with Minute School. 

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Minute School is a cross-platform software application that provides short lessons, practice questions and AI-assessed feedback for your school’s courses.

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