Ah yes, midterm season is upon us. Maybe it’s your first midterm season, or maybe you just haven’t gotten the hang of it yet. Regardless of your situation, midterm season can sometimes mean spending several hours at a time in the library, so why not prepare a midterm survival kit to help you get through those long study sessions, and midterm season in general. Here’s what to include:

  • Chargers– for all your devices!
  • Headphones– to drown out the noise of nearby studiers.
  • More healthy snacks than you think you’ll need– this will help you avoid buying fast food.
  • Extra pens and pencils– in case there’s a midterm emergency where all of your pencils break consecutively. 
  • Reusable water bottle– to stay hydrated and save the environment!
  • Hairbrush and hair elastics– if you have long hair, you know how annoying hair in your face can get while studying.
  • Flashcards / quick study tool– write your own practice questions and study key concepts using Minute School. 
  • Something cozy– in case of an impromptu nap!
  • Coffee (or tea)– a little caffeine boost is always useful. 
  • Your favourite study spot- you work best when you’re comfy.
  • A productive study group– study with people that motivate you.
  • Ample study breaks, and lots and lots of sleep- these ones speak for themselves.

Eliminate some study-induced stress by making sure you have the things that best fit your needs along with you. Use some of these ideas and incorporate your own essentials to make this midterm season your best one yet!

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