Have you wanted to be a doctor for as long as you can remember? Need some advice on how to up your chances of getting into medical school before writing your MCAT? Here are some tips I have learned as a science student.

Choose your courses wisely

Yes, take courses you’re interested in, but try to balance your hard courses with some easier ones throughout your terms. There’s nothing wrong with taking a few ‘bird’ courses to boost your GPA. It’s also important to plan your schedule so you have time to study. Some great courses to take are included in Minute School‘s recommended pre-med courses

Develop good study habits

Studying for the MCAT is going to demand a lot of your time, so you are going to need good study habits. Studying for a short amount of time everyday can improve your grades, get you into a routine, and ensure that you don’t have a study burnout

Get relevant experience

Explore different opportunities to get exposure to health care professions and settings. Volunteering during your time in school can go a long way on a medical school application. 

Find extracurriculars in other areas

Getting involved with extracurriculars outside of studying and volunteering allows the medical school admissions offices to see that you have other interests. Extracurriculars in non-health related areas can make you appear as a well-rounded individual. 

Study for the MCAT early and often

Try to study during the summer or an off-term to avoid as much juggling between regular school and MCAT studying as you can. Create a study schedule and stick to it.

Build Relationships

You’ll want to build relationships with your professors and supervisors from any professional or extracurricular experiences to obtain valuable and meaningful references.

I hope these pieces of advice help you in your preparation process. It’s important to start preparing for medical school well before you write your MCAT. Stay motivated, and stay focused on a path to succeed.

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