The weather outside is not exactly ideal, but that doesn’t mean you should completely shut down and stay inside all winter. Embracing the cold weather can be difficult, but here are some things I’ve found that make it a little easier. 

Bundle Up! 

This one is going to sound self-explanatory, but dress appropriately! Personally, as soon as it hits below freezing, all notion of fashion goes out the window, and I start to dress in layers. Dressing appropriately is a huge part of tolerating the cold weather.

Find Winter Activities 

Participating in a ski day, going snow tubing, building a snowman, or going on a winter walk are all ways to add a little fun to the dreary winter season. Finding activities that get you excited about winter will really help you embrace the cold!

It’s Dark, but the Day isn’t Over! 

With the days being shorter, it’s easy to call it a day right when you get home from school or work. Try and keep yourself occupied and productive even if it’s already dark out. Do some studying, make plans with friends, or join an extracurricular to keep you awake after school or work. 

Stay Social

Winter can get pretty lonely when you stay inside your house alone. My #1 tip for getting through the winter season is to surround yourself with people you love! This doesn’t have to mean leaving your house though. Why not invite your friends over for a board game night or potluck dinner

Take Some Time Off

As much as I encourage you to embrace the weather and get outside, sometimes a long winter nap or a warm bath is exactly what you need to recharge after a winter day. Don’t be afraid to take time off when you need it. 

Whether you embrace it or not, winter is upon us, so try to make the most of the winter season we have left! If it still isn’t your thing, don’t worry! Spring will be here faster than you know it. 

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